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We're TAKING the land in 2024!

Sundays at 10:45 AM
in East Point, GA.

Every Sunday, our vibrant community of believers join together to worship God and engage in inspiring content for the whole family.

Are You New to Bethesda? We have something for all ages!



Families grow and thrive together through worship, community, and shared messages of encouragement through the Word on Sunday mornings at 10:45 AM.

Ages 1-4


Sproutz is our worship environment for ages 1-4! We're planting seeds of God through worship, singing, fun, games, and snacks! We created an environment just for them! 

Pastor Borom praying for congregents at Bethesda Christian Ministries

Sunday Mornings at 10:45 AM

Located in the beautiful city of East Point, GA, Bethesda is a growing community of believers in Jesus Christ. Every Sunday worshipers gather to connect and fellowship as they worship God together in song, spiritual devotions, and timely messages for listeners of all ages.

Weekly mid-week Bible Studies that take deep-dives into scripture, and biblical teaching helps to reinforce the power of the Word of God in the hearers' lives.

Welcome to Bethesda Christian Ministries!

Transforming Lives for the Kingdom of God

Thanks for joining!

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